Sunday, September 7, 2008

And so it begins

Formalities First

My name is Elizabeth Hancock and I am a chef. Well Pastry Chef that is. I am a Southern California native recently returning to my roots and venturing into uncharted territories. During the past 8 years I have traveled throughout the United States honing my culinary skills and now have settled back into my SoCal lifestyle ready to embark on my next very own cake business.

The Filling

Today I enter the world of 2008, having recently just purchased a blue tooth(new technology scares me) I have taken the advice of my very talented and smart sister Caroline and started the blog you are seeing here. During the blogs to follow I will share my love of cake, the beginnings of an exciting journey, inspirations, new flavors and just having a blast doing it!!!!!

cupcakes and kisses

chef liz


Pink Lemonade Bags said...

Yeah! I am so excited that you started your blog!

Can't wait to see pictures of your fabulous creations!

SouthernGal said...

Welcome to the onlin world of blogs!! I look forward to seeing your cakes and reading more about your adventures!

I am so excited and happy for you, Liz! I wish you nothing but success :) Remember, if you need me out there for your shop...I'll be on the next flight out!